Cake inspiration: Oasis and V&A

5 June 2015

The fantastic thing about making cakes I think is getting a spark of inspo from something and turning it into an edible creation. I am always getting #cakeinspo from all sorts of things, fashion, nature, interiors, other food and often wake up in the night with a cake dream that I will just NEED to give birth to, I must confess I’m a bit of a cake geek like that.

This week I had great fun working on a cake that was inspired by the amazing collaboration between Oasis and the V&A museum.

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The collection is so GORGEOUS and includes beautiful 18th century hand painted historical prints. I love the William Kilburn botanical one, but it’s SO but it’s hard to choose a favourite. I just knew this would be a perfect marriage with one of my signature designs, using little tiles of edible print, the Vintage Floral Patchwork cake so I could use a good variety of the prints together on one cake.

So I set to work icing my square Vanilla bean cake sponge in panels to give me a perfectly square look and make a good base for the box design. To decorate the cake in my patchwork design, I laid out the prints on edible icing paper set onto finely rolled out sugar paste, which I stuck on with vodka (well, it was the afternoon so I had a little V&T to accompany me at the work bench!) I carefully cut out each little tile using a royal icing straight edge ruler as a guideline template and left these to dry overnight.

The next day, bringing the cake to life was pretty simple. I piped on squiggles of stiff royal icing along the side of my cake and then placed the little print tiles onto the cake and spaced them out equally. Then I repeated this all up the side on all sides and finished across the top in the same manor.

The little tiles were then ‘grouted’ with sweet royal icing to fill in the gaps between the tiles, and to finish I piped a navy snail trail around the top, bottom and corners to finish the design.

I hope you like it, I just LOVE this and was thrilled to use the V&A prints for this cake.

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